Make Kick-Ass Friends In Your Tech Community

TechSocial is the easiest way to make friends in your local tech community.
The app creates small weekly meetups that are personalized for you.
How It Works
Create your account, then pick your top interests and availability throughout the week.
Each week, you'll be invited to a meetup at a nearby coffee shop or pub with a few locals that like what you like.
If you can make it, go and have a great time. You’ll be connected with the others by text to coordinate when you get there.
TechSocial is about you finding your tribe.
Why Join TechSocial?
Let’s face it, finding new friends in the tech community is hard. Maybe you just moved to a new city for a job. Maybe you spend all day working from home and you're tired of virtual meetings. You're dying for real social interaction. Yeah, us too.

Big tech meetups can be tiresome and using a swiping app to meet people feels weird. TechSocial makes it safe and easy to meet like-minded people by automating the whole process. It finds the right time, venue, and people for you. All you have to do is show up.
COVID-19 Update
All TechSocial meetups are scheduled at outside locations with plenty of seating and space to maintain a safe distance. Make friends, be safe, feel awesome.
Loneliness Is Costly


Meet Joe. Joe just moved to a new city after college to work for a tech company. Joe is shy and spends most of his time online. Joe seems fine on the outside but often feels anxious and depressed for no good reason.

Loneliness has been linked to depression, anxiety and poor sleep quality. Reducing symptoms of loneliness has shown significant benefits for each of these issues [1].


Joe’s doctor warns him about his rising blood pressure. They aren’t sure what’s causing it, but they tell him that he’s at risk for heart disease.

Scientists found that chronic loneliness was correlated with increased risks of coronary heart disease by 29% and stroke by 32% [2].


Joe watches people on social media live great lives. They’re happy and having fun with friends. Joe wishes he could have better friends. He wishes it were easier.

People’s biggest regrets in life are in part a reflection of where in life they see the most opportunity for improvement [3].


The good news is that Joe has the choice to improve his friendships. NavyStreet makes it so easy to make friends that this choice is a no-brainer. Joe made the right choice. Will you?

Improving relationships has the power to undo the mental and physical damage caused by loneliness [4].
A Better Way To Make Friends
Automatic matching and scheduling
Small meetups for maximum comfort
Everyone is local
Save time finding fun events
Exclusive network of people
Diverse groups
No awkward friend-swiping
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