101 Ways To Overcome Loneliness During The Pandemic

We’re going through a once-in-a-century situation right now with the current pandemic. These are unprecedented times. It is completely okay to be feeling lonely.

Feeling lonely does not necessarily happen because we are alone. It’s a temporary feeling that happens when we don’t feel the connection we crave. Developing this connection with a hobby, study, person or lovable animal has been shown to reduce symptoms of loneliness and improve overall life satisfaction. The suggestions in this list are provided to help you develop that connection.

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Is Tech Helping Or Hurting?

We can do so much more with the help of technology. Technology is just a tool that helps us do something better. If that’s the case, how can technology be hurting us, if it’s only purpose is to help us?

Take a look at any futuristic sci fi movie and you’ll see technology being used to handle time-consuming and cumbersome tasks. The negative side-effects of technology in sci fi movies are dramatized in outstanding ways. These side-effects seem so far-fetched that we can’t possibly imagine them happening...

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